About Liberty Training Academy

Liberty Training Academy is an online education service, started by Dutch Canadian “authorpreneur” Wilko van de Kamp for three reasons:

  • Answering The Question

    How do you do it?

    Whether it's travel hacking, building a "celebritizable" personal brand, or writing and publishing bestselling books, people have always asked me: How do you do it? In these classes, I show you.

  • Providing More Than Just Value

    Real world advice comes included

    Having thousands of people go through my programs only means something when you achieve results. Helping you implement my systems is what makes the difference. Once you join in any program, I send you my cellphone number so we connect directly via text.

  • Giving Back

    Doing good through education

    For every course registration we equip one child with the best possible education, sparking imaginations and opening minds to the possibility of hope and change!

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"Success Is All We Have To Offer"

About Your Instructor

Wilko van de Kamp

Author | Artist | Advisor

Hi, I’m Wilko van de Kamp, creator of Liberty Training Academy and author of the Freedom Project book series. For more than 15 years, I have helped people and their companies achieve their own results beyond their goals. I work with authors, coaches and experts to build their brand to become a #1 industry influencer and increase their impact on the communities they serve. We focus on every aspect of personal brand building through technology and storytelling, with a relentless focus on accelerating the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals. And I would love to do the same for you! To get a conversation started, please text me directly at 587-417-2697.

Why Join Liberty Training Academy?

We start with your goal in mind. What are you going to accomplish next? We're here to get you there faster, and help you along the way.

  • 100% On Demand

    Study at your own pace, wherever and whenever you like with on-demand access to your courses.

  • Mobile Friendly

    You can access your courses on almost any device, including smartphones and tablet computers.

  • Certification

    Certificates that you can add to your office wall, LinkedIn profile (or both) are included with all courses.

  • Real Results

    Our learning experiences are designed to help you implement what you learn along the way so you can see changes right away.

  • Save Time and Money

    Information is free and abundant. Save your time and money by following our proven best practice approach that will help you get to your goals faster.

  • Community

    Participate in your course community, get weekly progress check-ins, plus get direct one-to-one support when you need it.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's what some of our students have to say about their online learning experience at Liberty Training Academy

“This course is very informative and has inspired me to take massive action.”

Anthony Wright

“The teacher is authentic and share real strategy to get freedom.”

Kevin Konmenek Tsangue

“Awesome Class! Very inspiring.”

Lily Mae

“Good presenters (yourself included) can speak directly from their head and their hearts as they know their subject matter intimately.”

Chris Clarke

“You are uniquely different than most of the speakers we get. Very powerful and really full of great insights, ideas and inspiring experiences.”

Lions Club

“You made statement after statement that triggers the mind. Your presentation is very professional, your examples are often personal so easy to identify with”

Stephan Terwolbeck

“I very much enjoyed how you talked about your topic of traveling all while weaving in universal laws such as the law of attraction. Many good pertinent facts with universal law interspersed made for a very engaging class.”

Dr. Frances Collier

“The course helped me to start working on my book. I highly recommend it”

Perla Soto

“Wilko, I just bought a copy of your book and read a few chapters and was blown away. You really have a talent to inspire. I'm personally going to apply your method.”

Freedom Project Reader

“Wilko is one of those incredible blends of competence, grace, love and insight--he's an incredible partner. I'm so happy to announce he's just written a book about work, life and happiness!”

Mario Trigueros, Pachamama Alliance

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Our selection of on-site seminars, workshops and keynote sessions are popular with companies, schools, colleges, clubs, not-for-profits and more. Sessions are facilitated by our #1 international bestselling author Wilko van de Kamp.

Redefine what it means to just fly and gain a new perspective on freedom.

Elevate your travel and business goals at one of the Liberty Training Workshops, crafted specifically to help you grow your business.