Plan & Write Your Book

In this course, Wilko van de Kamp shares his story of becoming a bestselling author. Wilko has turned his writing experience into a proven method. Through engaging video and interactive exercises you'll discover:

  • Author Tips

    Discover how to get started as an author.

  • Key Strategies

    Key strategies to structure your book to make it successful.

  • Writing Advice

    Crucial tips to make writing easier (and prevent the dreaded writers block)

Take-aways from this course

At the end of this course, you'll be well on your way to finishing your first manuscript. You'll leave with the following take-aways:

  • Content for the first chapter of your book.

  • Defined structure and outline for your entire book.

  • A real publication date for your print paperback book.

You have a book inside of you. It's time to get started on sharing your unique story with the world today. All it takes is to get started, and take that first step on your author journey.

Wilko will teach you how to finish your entire draft manuscript in under 20 hours total. Are you ready to make your dream of writing a book a reality?

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction
    • 01 welcome
    • 02 you are now an author
    • 03 author assignment
    • 04 ideas
    • 05 questions
    • 06 full course outline
    • 07 intro webinar rewatch
    • Write a Book in a Week workbook
  • 2
    Being an Author (webinar)
    • 01 intro
    • 02 changed world
    • 03 expert
    • 04 realtor differentiate
    • 05 high perceived cost
    • 06 open doors
    • 07 results
    • 08 speaking and sales
    • 09 give them away
    • 10 you can do this
  • 3
    Plan Your Book
    • 01 structure and what to write about
    • 02 what to write about exercise
    • 03 20 things exercise
    • 04 book purpose
    • 05 purpose statement
    • 06 passion
    • 07 passion test
    • 08 top passions
    • 10 content ideas
    • 11 content approach
    • 12 13 planning wrap up
  • 4
    Write Your Book
    • 01 the system
    • 02 writers block
    • 03 writing exercise
    • 04 writing advice (audio)
    • 05 the 4 steps
    • 06 real life example
    • 07 edit and recycle content
    • 08 homework

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Your Instructor

  • Wilko van de Kamp

    Wilko van de Kamp

    ✔ Consultant ✍ Bestselling Author

    As an bestselling author, consultant and speaker I wear a lot of different hats. These hats serve a bigger purpose—my vision is to inspire and equip you to #justfly to your goals faster. I'm here to help you along the way. I have 15+ years of IT and management consulting experience. I'm also the author of international bestselling book series “The Freedom Project“. I'm an award-winning photographic artist, and professional world traveler. My inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. I call the Canadian Rocky Mountains my “home", and the rest of the world my “office". Through my art, writing and appearances as a keynote speaker I enjoy sharing my colourful experiences with the world.