"The Luckiest Guy In The Sky"

After traveling over a large portion of the world well before the age of thirty the travel bug really got to me.

It caught me by surprise, as traveling wasn’t something I was used to while growing up. I don’t think I crossed any borders as a child. My first international travels were probably the trips I took to France and Germany in my early twenties. That sounds pretty exotic from a North American perspective, but since I grew up in Europe those were mostly short day trips by car. After my first plane trip to one of the Spanish islands I realized how much I loved traveling. I started to do more and more of it: both personally, and later on even for work. By now, I think it’s safe to say I’ve seen some of the most beautiful places of this earth, and a lot remains to be explored on future travels. There’s always something new to see, and I’m surprised how I discover a new favorite place on every trip.
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Upgrade your experiences with flights, hotels, free trips - it’s all inside.

I share step by step how I implemented the travel hacking principles from my book The Freedom Project. Using screen recordings of my own accounts, I show you exactly how I go about booking free airfare, getting upgraded in hotels (including Las Vegas) and how I’m currently able to get a free Bahamas trip every year.

  • Free Airfare

    One of the biggest things from my book ‘The Freedom Project‘ is the ability to get on board of aircrafts for free, or for really cheap. I'll show you exactly how.

  • Hotel Elite Status

    Staying in the cheapest hotel possible is not the experience that’s worthwhile remembering. Instead get the best experience with many extras and benefits included, like free meals, room upgrades and other bonuses.

  • Free Trips

    Simple. As with many things it’s about having the right kind of involvements and memberships that open doors that otherwise remain closed. I'll show you exactly how.

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Travel hacking: I did it – and so can you. The question is, will you?

I wrote a travel hacking book that explains the theory behind the secrets of travel I have used to explore the world, and fly for free. This course takes the next step, and takes you step-by-step through the programs and services I use. I literally show you how I book airfare, hotels, and much more. You'll see:

  • How I constantly book free and deeply discounted airfare.

  • How I travel-hacked Las Vegas and got upgraded to "high-roller" status.

  • How I get an annual free Caribbean vacation.

  • And much, much more...

Your Instructor

Wilko van de Kamp

Wilko van de Kamp

✔ Consultant ✍ Bestselling Author

As an bestselling author, consultant and speaker I wear a lot of different hats. These hats serve a bigger purpose—my vision is to inspire and equip you to #justfly to your goals faster. I'm here to help you along the way. I have 15+ years of IT and management consulting experience. I'm also the author of international bestselling book series “The Freedom Project“. I'm an award-winning photographic artist, and professional world traveler. My inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. I call the Canadian Rocky Mountains my “home", and the rest of the world my “office". Through my art, writing and appearances as a keynote speaker I enjoy sharing my colourful experiences with the world.

Is Travel Hacking Worth It?

I wrote a bestselling travel hacking book the shares the ideas behind my best practice approach to maximizing travel hacking benefits. Never before have I shown anyone how I actually do the following:

  • Free Long Haul Airfare

    $1500+ value

    I book free and deeply discounted airfare all the time. I show you how I earn the free flights and how I book them to get as many flights as possible, continuously. I've flown all over North America, but also to South America, Europe, Asia, you name it. Often in business class.

  • Elite Travel Status

    $3000+ value

    I get free trips, room upgrades, discounted rates and executive benefits no matter where I travel. This includes executive lounge access when I fly and high-roller "Diamond" status in many Las Vegas hotels.

  • There's more...

    More bonus value and exclusive benefits

    I can't share all the travel secrets publicly here. Jump inside the program to see all the other benefits. This advanced course goes well beyond using rewards points for free flights.

Your Itinerary

Here's everything that's currently covered in this all-inclusive travel hacking program.

  • 1

    The Secret Foundation

    • The Story Behind The Revolution
    • Welcome to the Travel Revolution
    • The travel industry is very simple
    • Giving all the secrets away
    • Breaking down the layers
  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Executive Summary
    • Why this program?
    • Falling in love with travel
    • A year from now
  • 3


    • Download the workbook
    • PDF Workbook
  • 4

    Your Golden Ticket

    • If travel was free
    • Your ticket
    • Exercise: write your ticket
  • 5

    Travel Community

    • Your worldwide community
    • Connect outside the classroom
    • Be clear on why you're here
    • Getting your questions answered
    • Exercise: Brainstorming
  • 6

    Your Travel Hacker

    • Get to know your instructor
    • The dream is free
    • My story
    • Exercise: Travel Hacking
  • 7

    Experience Value

    • Why do we travel?
    • Life is a permanent vacation
    • A heightened state of awareness
    • Driving a Porsche
    • Experience Value
    • Chartering a helicopter
  • 8

    Travel Principles

    • Stress Free Travel
    • Solo Travel
    • Dealing with issues
  • 9

    Travel Hacking

    • Isn't hacking illegal?
    • Travel hacking mindset
    • Cheap travel
  • 10

    Travel Hacking Airfare: Basics

    • Free Airfare
    • I can fly
    • Flying direct
    • I can fly for free
    • Get a free flight
    • How free airfare works - part 1
    • How free airfare works - part 2
  • 11

    Walkthrough: Getting a free ticket

    • Free airfare introduction
    • Getting a free flight
    • Application process walkthrough - part 1
    • Getting multiple free flights
    • Application process walkthrough - part 2
    • Exercise: Your Rewards Points
  • 12

    Travel Hacking Airfare: Advanced

    • Flying free forever
    • Maximizing points
    • Earning travel rewards
  • 13

    Walkthrough: Booking a free ticket

    • Introduction
    • Ticket 1 - Long haul deeply discounted
    • Ticket 2 - Long haul, free
    • Ticket 3 - Short haul, free
    • Ticket 4 - Short haul, deeply discounted
    • Exercise: booking your rewards flight
  • 14

    Travel Hacking Hotels: Basics

    • Upgrading your experience
    • The joy of booking travel
    • Too many options?
    • Booking travel online
    • At the airport
    • Become an insider
  • 15

    Travel Hacking Hotels: Advanced

    • Travel Hacking Las Vegas
    • Elite benefits prerequisites
    • Apply for elite benefits
    • Travel Hacking the Bahamas
  • 16

    Walkthrough: Travel Hacking Hotels

    • My Annual Bahamas Trip - part 1
    • My Annual Bahamas Trip - part 2
    • Upgrading Las Vegas
    • High roller benefits - part 1
    • High roller benefits - part 2
    • Booking your Bahamas trip
    • Advanced: doubling your benefits
  • 17

    Practical Travel Tips

    • Do It Yourself Travel
    • Airport Lounge Access
    • What To Do When You're Overbooked
    • Limousine transfer services
    • 5 Travel Tweaks
    • Money Saving Tips
    • Avoiding Surprise Airline Fees
    • A different take on travel expenses
    • Your Trip Recovery Plan
  • 18

    Bonus Travel Resources

    • Ideas and bonus resources
    • Do NOT quit your job to travel the world
    • Happiness and travel
    • Travel Industry Secrets - part 1
    • Travel Industry Secrets - part 2
  • 19

    Walkthrough: Insider Travel Rates

    • Introduction
    • Finding Curated Hotels - part 1
    • Finding Curated Hotels - part 2
    • Booking Curated Hotels
    • Additional Hotels and Benefits
    • Becoming an insider yourself
  • 20

    Next Steps and Wrap Up

    • Free Travel Magazine
    • Further Reading
    • Further Learning
    • Greetings from Jamaica
    • Travel safe


Questions? We got answers. Or just click the chat icon at the bottom of the page to talk to someone in person.

  • Is travel hacking legal?

    Travel “hacking”, to some, sounds illegal. If you were to hack a bank’s computer for example, you could find yourself behind bars for a significant portion of your time on this planet. Obviously, when you’re trying to see the world ending up behind bars is not what I’m trying to do. What I teach in my travel hacking course is perfectly legal – and the travel industry loves me for it. I’ve often been upgraded to business class (for free or for a very minimal fee), and I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually stayed in the room category I booked: hotels always upgrade me. Watch the preview video and see for yourself what I do.

  • Is this about cheap travel?

    There seems to be a misconception out in the world about travel and the money we pay for it. There are permanent nomads who claim to “travel” all the time. They tend to sleep on other people’s couches, camper vans or hostels. On the other end of the spectrum is the belief that travel is expensive. A friend once told me she was saving for a trip to Germany with her son, and her savings goal was 20,000 (!) dollars to turn that dream into a reality. I’m not (at all) about cheap travel. I usually enjoy staying in luxury properties around the world. You don’t need a lot of money to travel well. Read that again. The key is to travel well. I’ve stayed in hostels before, and there’s no shame in that. But there is a time in life to enjoy the finer things. It’s up to you to decide when that time starts.

  • Do I have to watch timeshare presentations?

    No. Forget about timeshares. I don't own one and have met very few people who enjoy their timeshare ownership. Their sales tactics lure people in with "free" show tickets and other "perks". But in exchange you have to spend your vacation time in a high pressured sales presentation of timeshare properties. My time is precious, and I don't waste my time like that. I strongly recommend you don't do either.

  • Isn't travel hacking just practical advice on packing my bag?

    Some also think that travel hacking is nothing more but to organize your bag a certain way. I’d be happy to share my packing tips with you, but that has nothing to do with real travel hacking. Travel hacking is to take advantage of certain memberships, promotions and tactics to leverage the travel industry to get what you want, in a way that is a win-win for everyone.

  • What's the Elite Level registration for?

    Both registration options include access to ALL Travel Revolution content. The elite level includes an elevated level of benefits and privileges, and (pending approval) a gifted one year membership to unprecedented benefits and networking opportunities.

  • I have another question...

    Great. Just click the messenger icon at the bottom of this page and we'll be happy to chat with you personally.

This online program will change your traveling life forever.

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