Become An Insider

In this module I show you how you can upgrade your experience in hotels around the world:

  • Hotel Elite Status

    Get elite status with many extras and benefits included, like free meals, room upgrades and other bonuses.

  • Secret Rates

    Understand how the travel industry works to help you get better deals on your stays with insider rates and upgraded rooms.

  • Curated Hotels

    Know where to stay with access to curated lists of hotels around the world, with many including special rates and benefits.

Get The Best Room Of The House

Hotels are maximizing their revenue optimization schemes against travellers. It's time to turn the table. Using key memberships I get immediate access to many elite benefits, including:

  • upgraded rooms - I often stay in a suite while I've booked a "standard" room

  • insider rates - understand how the travel industry works and use your advantage to get better deals, secret rates and insider discounts

  • exclusive perks - having a handwritten envelope with vouchers, coupons and "comps" from the hotel manager waiting for me on checkin is always a nice personal touch

  • And much, much more...

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Your Itinerary

Here's everything that's currently covered in this module of my travel hacking program.

  • 1

    The Secret Foundation

    • Welcome to the Travel Revolution

    • The travel industry is very simple

    • Giving all the secrets away

    • Breaking down the layers

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Executive Summary

    • Why this program?

    • Falling in love with travel

    • A year from now

  • 3

    Your Golden Ticket

    • Download the workbook

    • PDF Workbook

    • If travel was free

    • Your ticket

    • Exercise: write your ticket

  • 4

    Travel Community

    • Your worldwide community

    • Connect outside the classroom

    • Be clear on why you're here

    • Getting your questions answered

    • Exercise: Brainstorming

  • 5

    Your Travel Hacker

    • Get to know your instructor

    • The dream is free

    • My story

    • Exercise: Travel Hacking

    • A heightened state of awareness

  • 6

    Travel Hacking

    • Isn't hacking illegal?

    • Travel hacking mindset

    • Cheap travel

  • 7

    Travel Hacking Hotels: Basics

    • Upgrading your experience

    • The joy of booking travel

    • Too many options?

    • Booking travel online

    • At the airport

    • Become an insider

  • 8

    Walkthrough: Insider Travel Rates

    • Introduction

    • Finding Curated Hotels - part 1

    • Finding Curated Hotels - part 2

    • Booking Curated Hotels

    • Additional Hotels and Benefits

    • Becoming an insider yourself

  • 9

    Hotel Industry Secrets

    • Travel Industry Secrets - part 1

    • Travel Industry Secrets - part 2

    • Money Saving Tips

    • A different take on travel expenses

    • Your Trip Recovery Plan

  • 10

    Bonus Resources and Wrap Up

    • Ideas and bonus resources

    • Do NOT quit your job to travel the world

    • Happiness and travel

    • Free Travel Magazine

    • Further Reading

    • Further Learning

    • Greetings from Jamaica

    • Travel safe

Upgrade your traveling life forever.

Peak behind the curtain of the hotel industry and leverage insider secrets to your advantage.

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Wilko van de Kamp

✔ Consultant ✍ Bestselling Author

As a bestselling author, consultant and speaker I wear a lot of different hats. These hats serve a bigger purpose—my vision is to inspire and equip you to #justfly to your goals faster. I'm here to help you along the way. I have 15+ years of IT and management consulting experience. I'm also the author of the internationally bestselling book series “The Freedom Project“. I'm an award-winning photographic artist and professional world traveler. My inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. I call the Canadian Rocky Mountains my “home", and the rest of the world my “office". Through my art, writing, and appearances as a keynote speaker I enjoy sharing my colorful experiences with the world.