Discover The Liberating Blueprint to Freedom & Happiness

Discover the liberating blueprint to finding freedom and happiness, to pursue your biggest dreams, and living life on your terms. For Wilko "following the dream" meant traveling the world, and then taking his traveling “self" to who he is at work and at home.

  • Happiness And Travel

    How do you know whether you're on the right track or you need to keep tweaking your approach?

  • Setting Goals

    Using real-life examples I show you how I moved from merely being busy to achieving results.

  • Your Subconscious Mind

    This goes way beyond "The Secret": I'll teach you the science behind the Law of Attraction.

What others say

Here's what others had to say after watching this content either live in person or online in this class.

“The teacher is authentic and share real strategy to get freedom”

Kevin Konmenek Tsangue

“You are uniquely different than most of the speakers we get. Good presenters (yourself included) can speak directly from their head and their hearts as they know their subject matter intimately. Very powerful and really full of great insights, ideas and inspiring experiences.”

Calgary Lions Club

“You made statement after statement that triggers the mind. Your presentation is very professional, your examples are often personal so easy to identify with. I enjoyed the icebreaker-type things you said.”

Stephan Terwolbeck

“It was very exciting to see the best-selling author himself. I very much enjoyed how you talked about your topic of traveling all while weaving in universal laws such as the law of attraction. Because of you, I will be looking into doing more traveling. Many good pertinent facts with universal law interspersed made for a very engaging session.”

Dr. Frances Collier

What You'll Learn

  • Be motivated to live the life you want

  • Find ways to increase your passion for life

  • Pursue life and career goals and reduce stress

  • Understand how travel can be used as a catalyst for personal growth

Course curriculum

Let the author of #1 best-seller The Freedom Project show you how you can easily live the life you want, increase your passion, reduce stress and fall in love with your life all over again - whether at home, at work, or halfway across the globe.

  1. 1
    • What is this course?

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • Travel, happiness and freedom

    • Review

  3. 3
    • Happiness

    • Regrets in life

    • The Rabbi Speaks: Looking Through A Window

    • Taking responsibility

    • Start Today

    • Getting The Results You Want

    • Bonus: Watch the Tango Dancers

  4. 4
    • Dream Big

    • The Science Behind The Secret

    • Making Decisions

    • Using Your Subconscious Brain

  5. 5
    • Travel hacking

    • Book Review In One Minute

  6. 6
    • The Freedom Project Quiz

    • Take The Next Step

    • Before you go...

Who This Course Is For

There are no prerequisites for joining this course. These pointers should help you decide if you're the right fit for this program. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

  • This course is a motivational program intended for anyone.

  • You have an open mind and a desire to get your life, business and/or career to the next level.

  • You get as much out of this course as you're willing to put into it. This is no overnight success scheme.

  • You are willing to work on the principles from this program to make them work for you.

Travel, Freedom and Happiness: pursue your biggest dreams, and live life on your terms.

This course contains the same information others charge you thousands for... don't miss out! Featuring my interpretation of the teachings by The Secret, Law of Attraction, Jack Canfield and many others.

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