Sell Your Book

Leverage the power of your published book to create extra income streams and become a recognized authority in your field.

This module shares how I got rid of my books after writing it and getting it published. I've turned my experience into a proven method, to be able to share it with you! Get all the secrets and discover why some authors are sought after and generate income from their books around the world! This module will be one of your most crucial resources when it comes to selling your book and turning it into additional income streams! This module will show you exactly what what you need to do in order to get rid of your book once it's published by selling as many copies as possible AND discovering additional streams of income you can generate because of your book. Being a published author can open many doors for you that remained closed before. I'll show you how you can use your book to find additional ways to increase your income. We've seen people double and triple their income after publishing their book!

Turn your book into a bestseller!

Leverage attraction marketing to create extra income streams from a published book. Become a recognized authority in your field. This exclusive "sales mastery for authors" course shows you how to open them. Through engaging video and interactive exercises you'll discover:

  • Additional Income

    Often overlooked ways to profit from your book (even if you're giving books away for free!), including a proven strategy for pre-selling your book and making money from it before it comes out.

  • Bestseller Secrets

    Industry secrets on what it takes to appear on the Best Seller List, and clever ways to make your book interesting to the media and getting free exposure.

  • Author Goals

    How to achieve your own dreams and life goals through your book.

Your Action Plan

In this course, Wilko shows his unique "sales mastery for authors" blueprint. It will help published authors to leverage the power of their your published book. Benefits include increased income and extra revenue streams. Authors can also receive recognition as industry experts in their field. We've seen people double and even triple their income after publishing their book! You'll leave this course with a powerful action plan to leverage the power of a published book. Take-aways include:

  • A marketing masterplan for your book. Your plan will include media exposure, social media tactics and public speaking opportunities.

  • Clear marketing and sales goals for your book.

  • Actionable ideas to turn your book into an income generator.

What You'll Learn

  • Position yourself as an industry expert using the power of a published book.

  • Adopt a positive mindset towards sales and marketing. SELL, SELL, SELL by using attraction marketing best practices to successfully market your work.

  • Setting realistic goals for your book. Understand myths and realities using a book as an income generator. Know what to consider in writing your book marketing masterplan.

  • Getting attention and free publicity through traditional and social media as an author.

Course curriculum

Being a published author can open many doors for you that remained closed before. Bestselling author Wilko van de Kamp has experienced this "author phenomenon" firsthand. He received invitations to speak about his work at industry trade shows. His books and even this course got free media exposure on TV, radio and many print publications.

  • 1


    • Introduction to this module

    • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • You are now an author

    • Author assignment

    • Book ideas

    • Author questions

    • Full course outline

    • Introduction webinar

    • Write a Book in a Week workbook

  • 2

    Being an Author (webinar)

    • Being an author introduction

    • Changed world

    • Becoming an industry expert

    • The realtor difference

    • High perceived cost

    • Open doors

    • Seeing results

    • Public speaking and sales

    • Giving books away

    • Can you do this?

  • 3

    Sell Your Book

    • Make Money From Your Book

    • You wrote a book - now what?

    • Get rid of them

    • MSI mindset

    • Setting goals

    • Marketing masterplan

    • Sales mindset

    • Attraction marketing

    • Gifts

    • Buy now cards

    • Book sales strategy

    • Public speaking

    • Give them away

    • Recycle content

    • Getting publicity

    • Start now

    • Give and take interviews

    • Book launch party

    • Give 10 books away every month

    • Common social media mistakes

    • Social media secrets for authors

    • Quiz: Author Sales Mastery

    • Homework

  • 4

    Thank You and Wrap Up

    • Wrapping Up Author Sales Mastery

    • Full course review

    • Motivation

    • The end

Let's finally get started on that book dream you have, shall we?

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Who This Course Is For

These pointers should help you decide if you're the right fit for this program. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

  • You have an existing book which is or will soon be available.

  • This course will teach you how to sell your existing book(s). It does not address writing, and/or publishing your book. Please check out my full author course (link below).

  • You are a new or existing author who wants to become known as an expert in your field and generate additional income stream(s) from their book(s).

  • The examples in this course focus on non-fiction books, however the insights can be used for any kind of book (including fiction books, children's books, photography books, etc.)

  • You have an open mind and a desire to get your life, business and/or career to the next level.

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Get this unique "sales mastery for authors" blueprint.

It will help published authors to leverage the power of their your published book. Benefits include potential increased income and extra revenue streams.


Wilko van de Kamp

✔ Consultant ✍ Bestselling Author

As a bestselling author, consultant and speaker I wear a lot of different hats. These hats serve a bigger purpose—my vision is to inspire and equip you to #justfly to your goals faster. I'm here to help you along the way. I have 15+ years of IT and management consulting experience. I'm also the author of the internationally bestselling book series “The Freedom Project“. I'm an award-winning photographic artist and professional world traveler. My inspiration comes from traveling all over the world. I call the Canadian Rocky Mountains my “home", and the rest of the world my “office". Through my art, writing, and appearances as a keynote speaker I enjoy sharing my colorful experiences with the world. Click here to learn more about us.