Now is the time to take action and do something different

The world is in a time of unprecedented change now. It’ll take a while to get everything back up and running and define what the new “normal” will look like. Historically, times of global uncertainty and change always bring great opportunity. But overnight results don’t exist. Change takes time.

This is not the time to play it safe and see what’ll happens next, but to boldly take a step in the direction of your dreams. Don’t wait until the crisis is over, start today. Your world is changing either way. You can start taking action towards your future goals, even today. By leveraging the success principles from this program, you’ll go further and faster. How fast do you want to go?

What do you really want?

Maybe you simply want to discover more happiness, love and freedom in your life… or maybe you are looking to work on a specific area of your life to uncover your potential, take the next step, and work towards achieving your most important goals.

  • Grow your Business or Career

    Transition your workday to align with your goals. Maybe you want to quit your day job and start your own business, grow your existing venture or transition your career.

  • Redefine your story

    Redefine your story and create a new path for your life. Maybe you want to create better relationships in all areas of life, tell your story, or write a bestselling book....

  • Get unstuck

    Get unstuck and create bucket-list worthy success. Maybe you want to get out of your comfort zone, live a healthier and more active life, or travel the world and learn from other cultures...

Break Free Xperience

Freedom is about doing what you love, and loving what you do by creating meaningful connections with others. I’ll show you the proven system to break free from the “status quo”. Following a proven step-by-step system you’ll start your journey on creating the life you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Work (and surround yourself) with people who will never give up on you.

What's your dream? If you can dream it, you can achieve it. And you deserve to have as much support on your journey to help you get "there" faster. Acquire the knowledge to achieve your goals. If you’re ready to experience breakthrough learning to help achieve your goals, select one of our perfect programs or support programs below. Throughout your training, you’ll develop the skills necessary to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.

  • Optimize what you’re doing through an online learning experience designed to help you find success and freedom.

  • Reach your goals, no matter what they are, with incredible learning experiences, accountability, and support!

  • Create an Action Plan to achieve your personal and business goals and celebrate your accomplishments.

  • Focus on your most important priorities in life and get things done.

  • Enjoy participating in an online learning experience without hassle or expense of travel or time away from home or your business.

  • Join today while you can! From time to time we limit enrolments to focus on supporting individual progress.

The full course curriculum is available now.

See for yourself what's inside. Get ready for a 7 week experiential learning experience. You can complete this program at your own pace with new content added every week for seven weeks! You can expect 1-2 hours of video learning each week plus additional resources and assignments to practice your learnings right away and implement the change you wish to see.

    1. Welcome to the Break Free Xperience!

    2. Explore your participant experience

    3. Getting things ready

    4. Get Your Books

    5. Download the workbook

    6. About taking notes

    7. Before we begin...

    8. Checking in with yourself

    9. Why Are You Here

    10. It's About Time

    11. A Few Questions...

    12. Experience Value

    13. Time, money and location

    14. Take a Break: Music

    15. Stop doing these things

    16. Your Success Story

    17. Setting Your Goals

    18. Formula for Success

    19. Get Into Action

    20. Check-stop 1

    21. Homework Assignments

    22. Test Your Learning

    1. New experiences

    2. An Alien Perspective to the World

    3. Checking in with yourself

    4. Adding something new

    5. 8 Areas of Life

    6. Your Life Vision

    7. Your Life Mission

    8. Your Life Passion

    9. Take a Break: Music

    10. The Creative Process

    11. Manifesting your life vision

    12. Uncommon Gratitude

    13. Formula for Success - Part 2

    14. Responsibility

    15. Get Into Action

    16. Check-stop 2

    17. Homework Assignments

    18. Test Your Learning

    1. Opening Up

    2. Answering the phone

    3. Checking in with yourself

    4. Inspiration for What You Want

    5. Balance in Joy and Happiness

    6. Take a Break: Music

    7. Building Your Tribe

    8. The New Networking

    9. Money Matters

    10. Agreements with yourself and others

    11. Get into Action

    12. Check-stop 3

    13. Homework Assignments

    14. Test Your Learning

    1. Redefining Support

    2. All you need is love

    3. Checking in with yourself

    4. Basic relationship needs

    5. Opportunities for growth

    6. Take a Break: Music

    7. Living a Passionate Life

    8. Getting Stuff Done

    9. Get Into Action

    10. Check-stop 4

    11. Homework Assignments

    12. Test Your Learning

    1. Who Matters Most

    2. The battle between love and your ego

    3. Checking in with yourself

    4. Creating space

    5. A 5 star experience

    6. Connecting with others

    7. Take a Break: Music

    8. Negative beliefs and emotions

    9. Face everything and rise

    10. The story we tell about ourselves

    11. Get into action

    12. Check-stop 5

    13. Homework Assignments

    14. Test Your Learning

    1. Recommitting to your life

    2. Writing your own life story

    3. A Trip to the Beach

    4. Defining Your Identity

    5. The Holistic Life View

    6. Breaking Free

    7. Resolving weaknesses

    8. 24 Goals

    9. Even Smarter Goals

    10. Getting extra help

    11. Take a Break: Music

    12. Affirmations on Steroids

    13. Subconscious brain power

    14. Perception

    15. Creating visual clues

    16. Celebrate your wins

    17. Get into Action

    18. Check-stop 6

    19. Homework Assignments

    20. Test Your Learning

About this course

  • $196.00
  • 118 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

Doing Good Through Education: Giving Back

For every registration we equip one child with the best possible education, sparking imaginations and opening minds to the possibility of hope and change!

This is not for everyone...

The strategies you learn inside this life-changing program will help you add new things to the “mix” in your life. This means you’ll have to have an open mind and are willing to try something different to get different results. This includes new ways of thinking and creative ways of leveraging your knowledge and experience. If that sounds like you, I’d love to have you on board and I’m excited to work with you over the next 7 weeks towards your goal.

  • You have big dreams and no longer want to settle for what’s inside your comfort zone

  • You want do good for yourself and others, and make a difference by increasing your impact on the world.

  • You have an open mind and are looking to add something new to the mix to get to results faster.

  • ou’re ready to get to work and try out new and different approaches to get different results.

  • You’re able to set aside some time in the next 7 weeks to do something with what you’ve learned.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's what some of our students have to say about their online learning experience at Liberty Training Academy

“This course is very informative and has inspired me to take massive action.”

Anthony Wright

“The teacher is authentic and share real strategy to get freedom.”

Kevin Konmenek Tsangue

“Awesome Class! Very inspiring.”

Lily Mae

“Good presenters (yourself included) can speak directly from their head and their hearts as they know their subject matter intimately.”

Chris Clarke

“You are uniquely different than most of the speakers we get. Very powerful and really full of great insights, ideas and inspiring experiences.”

Lions Club

“You made statement after statement that triggers the mind. Your presentation is very professional, your examples are often personal so easy to identify with”

Stephan Terwolbeck

“I very much enjoyed how you talked about your topic of traveling all while weaving in universal laws such as the law of attraction. Many good pertinent facts with universal law interspersed made for a very engaging class.”

Dr. Frances Collier

“The course helped me to start working on my book. I highly recommend it”

Perla Soto

“Wilko, I just bought a copy of your book and read a few chapters and was blown away. You really have a talent to inspire. I'm personally going to apply your method.”

Freedom Project Reader

“Wilko is one of those incredible blends of competence, grace, love and insight--he's an incredible partner. I'm so happy to announce he's just written a book about work, life and happiness!”

Mario Trigueros, Pachamama Alliance

Incredible value: not just online learning

This is a seven week experiential learning experience. Every week, we’ll work on a different circle of influence in your life to create better relationships and position yourself within that relationship.

  • Self Paced Learning

    $1495+ value

    You can learn at your own pace with new content added every week. We’ll use video training lessons to introduce you to the principles. Through worksheets and interactive exercises you’ll sustain the learning. The goal is implementing the new ideas and putting them in practice right away.

  • Accountability & Support

    $1000+ value

    You’re not alone! My team and I are always here to help. To keep you moving forward, accountability, support and motivation come included. Weekly email accountability checkins are included with your enrolment to keep you on track towards completing the entire course curriculum from start to finish. One-on-one support via email and chat is also available throughout your learning experience for support with the curriculum.

  • Bonus material

    $495+ value

    Complete the entire program and we'll enroll you into a resource guide with many additional bonuses and benefits you get as part of our community. You’ll also receive a Certificate of Completion that you can add to your office wall, LinkedIn profile (or both).

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