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Create Something For Yourself

This course combines "the best of" from our most popular programs, to help you start your business and add something new to your life. We don't like to use the word "side hustle": when you're setting things up the right way from the start your business can grow without needing to "hustle". Let's do this right.

  • Your Business Idea

    Develop your business idea.

  • Mindset

    How to think like an entrepreneur.

  • Money

    Let's be honest about the money question and keep your business financially healthy from day one.

  • Your Processes

    Set your business processes up for success and growth, making future maintenance and scalability easier.

  • Your Experience

    Discover creative ways to market your experience and create additional income streams.

  • Your Digital Brand

    Set up your online platform to market and attract organically using the latest technologies available

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

  • 2

    Developing Your Business Idea

    • 5 Steps To Fire Your Boss In The Next 12 Months

    • Why Most Businesses Fail

    • Building Something For Yourself

    • Setting your objective

    • Why I Don't Like MLMs

    • Starting a Business

    • Dancing The Tango In Argentina

    • Business Ideas quiz

    • Adding options

  • 3

    Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

    • Being In The Right Mindset

    • You need more of the green stuff

    • Creative Entrepreneurs

    • Your Business Idea

    • Your 5 Year Game Plan

    • Setting Your Life Goals

    • Changing Your Response

    • Create Your Own Economy

    • Mindset quiz

    • Boost your creative entrepreneur journey

  • 4

    The Money Question

    • Why Money Matters

    • The Real Value of Money

    • Your Financial Needs

    • Your Money Personality

    • What's Your Money Personality?

    • Multiple Income Streams

    • Setting Priorities for your Money

    • Money quiz

    • Developing a Millionaire Mindset

  • 5

    Your Processes

    • Selling Trust and Building Relationships

    • Reversing the social media flow

    • Social Media Messaging

    • AIDA

    • Coffee is for closers

    • Building Your Empire

    • Business Process quiz

    • Automating your processes

  • 6

    Selling Your Experience

    • Why Write a Book?

    • Don't Write An E-Book

    • Attraction Marketing

    • Public Speaking

    • Getting Free Publicity

    • Giving and Taking Interviews

    • Experience quiz

    • Write Your Book

  • 7

    SEO and Content Marketing

    • Driving Traffic Organically

    • What is SEO?

    • Your Website and SEO

    • Content Marketing

    • Basic Analytics

    • SEO quiz

    • SEO Course

    • Next Steps

  • 8

    Next Steps

    • Let's check in on your progress

    • Moments...

    • Stay in Touch

    • All it takes is to get started

    • Thank You and Wrap Up

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